Long ago, in a majestic Kingdom in China, trouble brews when the mistreatment of girls results in a moon that stubbornly refuses to move in the sky, and the sun threatens to lose balance and fall from the heavens, destroying the Earth.

In this Kingdom, events on Earth are reflected in Heaven, where the sun and moon keep each other in balance. The King knows that in order to restore balance in Heaven, he must first fix an imbalance between boys and girls on Earth.

But one day, an oppressed orphan named Mei Mei disobeys her scheming stepmother and instead fulfills her destiny by attending the Full Moon Dance. It is there, wearing the magic slippers that her mother gave her before she died, that she finally determines her fate — and with it — the fate of her threatened world.

Cinderella Moon takes the world’s first Cinderella story written in China in 768 AD and, enriching it with elements from Chinese cosmology, updates it for the 21st century. Discover the Cinderella story you thought you knew.