Key Cast

When Richard Bowen was casting for Cinderella Moon, he wanted each character to play his or her iconic type in such a broad way that the character could be easily recognized by a global audience.Charming in their comforting, fairytale familiarity as types and playing off one another in roles at once comic and poignant — the cast of Cinderella Moon is sure to win you over.
Mei Mei: Xiao Min
Xiao Min has been studying acting since she was 13. This was her first professional film.

Mei Mei at 5 years old: Yang Zhicheng

Yang Zhicheng was cast in the small village of Nuodeng, which is also the main location for the home of the Cinderella character, Mei Mei. This is her first acting role, and she is in first grade in primary school.

Stepmother: Wang Caiping

Wang Caiping has been performing with the People’s Art Theater of Sichuan since 1961. On stage she has played leading roles in more than twenty productions, and she has performed in numerous film and TV dramas.

Dowager: Chi Peng

Chi Peng is one of China’s most experienced actresses in film, television, and theater.

King: Zhang Jie

Zhang Jie is currently studying at the International Stage Performing College at the Sichuan Music Institute. This is his first movie role.

Shaman: Lin Qiu

Qiu Lin had no professional training prior to being cast by director Zhang Yimou in Riding Alone for Thousand Miles. Since then, he has performed in a number of feature films, receiving multiple acting nominations.

Matchmaker: Zhang Genrui

Zhang Genrui is a farmer and lives in a remote village near Shaxi. At nearly 90 years old, this is her first acting role.

Astronomer: Tang Zuohui

Tang Zuohui is a seasoned character actor well known in China. He is such a rabid fan of NBA basketball, his shooting had to be scheduled around televised games.

Eunuch: Zhang Zhengyuan

Zhang Zhengyuan is a well-known character actor in Chinese films and television.

General: Ma Zhaogang

Ma Zhaogang is a very busy character actor in Chinese films and television.

Big Sister: Hu Yinzi

Hu Yinzi graduated from the Sichuan Music Institute, and this is her first professional film role. She is currently serving in the People’s Liberation Army.

Merchant: Badeng Xirao

Badeng Xirao hails from Tibet and is very proud that his brother is one of China’s “living Buddhas.” He is a captain in the People’s Liberation Army, a part-time actor, and an accomplished sleight-of-hand magician.

Merchant’s Son: Zheng Gan

Although Zheng Gan has appeared as a background extra in several Chinese war films, this is his first acting role. He is a professional truck driver.

King’s Sister: Fan Yan

Fan Yan is a well-recognized character actor in Chinese films and televison.

Father: Li Wenhua

Li Wenhua is a long-standing star of Chinese Opera productions.

Mother: Du Fengping

Du Fengping had never acted in a film, but enjoyed her first role very much.

Head Elder: Li Shengquan

Li Shengquan is a farmer who lives in Nuo Deng, Mei Mei’s village. This was his first film.

Head Elder’s First Son: Huyang Chengbao

Huyang Chengbao is 10 years old and attends school in a village near Nuodeng. This was his first film.

Head Elder’s Second Son: Li Lijun

Li Lijun is 8 years old and attends school in a village near Nuodeng. This was his first film.